Radiator Cap Video

While the radiator cap may seem like a minor part, it helps keep your engine cool by sealing and pressurizing the coolant inside. The radiator cap designed to hold the coolant in the radiator under a predetermined amount of pressure. Once the pressure reaches maximum, the cap opens its release valve and allows heat to escape. To maintain your cooling system, it is important that even the smallest components are working properly.

If your car, truck, or SUV is overheating, do not open the radiator cap. Pressurized coolant can spray out, causing serious burns. Whether the issue is your radiator cap, your radiator, or another cooling system problem, call Superior Performance Auto at (919)-365-9100 to diagnose cooling issues. A new radiator cap is an inexpensive repair and can prevent future damage.

If a failed radiator cap is ignored long enough there can be serious repercussions like an overheated engine. An overheated engine can cause irreparable damage, requiring costly engine replacement. Give Superior Performance Auto in Wendell a call at (919)-365-9100, or schedule an appointment online today!